Delia’s Xenophobia

Dr Delia’s comments about foreigners have no place in Maltese society. This kind of rhetoric does not abide by neither Maltese nor Christian values Delia claims to believe in.

First of all, migrants are humans with their own feelings and aspirations. They are also an integral part of our society – being present in our workspace, in our circles of friends, and for some of us they are our lovers or family members. Moreover, diversity is what enriches our society.
Lets not forget the hardships that have driven people from the Middle East, Africa and Central and Southern Europe to our country. We should also keep in mind, the economic difficulties which they still face due to soaring rental prices and that some of these migrants are still working in conditions of modern slavery.
Perhaps, Adrian Delia should try not to take lessons from Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian prime minister, or Joseph Muscat on earlier days.

Daniel Desira – ADŻ Secretary General

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