ADŻ in favour of condom dispensers in post-secondary schools

We support Godfrey Farrugia’s call for the installation of condom dispending machines in post-secondary schools.

Given 45% of teens are having unprotected sex, it would be smart to make condoms more accessible as well as strengthen sex education. This helps prevent STDs and teenage pregnancies, thus empowering teens to keep going with their studies.

Daniel Desira – ADŻ Malta Green Youth Spokesperson

ADŻ appeals for the conservation of Townhouse in Victoria.

ADŻ Malta Green Youth calls for the conservation of a townhouse that shall be replaced by a car park and to turn down any plans for the destruction of this unique place.

The house which was built in the 1950s is an architectural masterpiece.  It was designed by famous architect Ġużè Damato.  Moreover, architect Conrad Thanke stated that it would be shameful if such a building is given green light to be demolished.

Over the last 50 years we already lost too many buildings and we are already regretting what we’ve done in the past.  If one read online comments by people on old photos of Malta, comments like ‘shame we’ve destroyed our island’ or ‘pity it’s gone’ appear quite frequent.


Are we ready to give up one of the few remaining architectural works of the past for a car park?  We always tend to regret wrong decisions once they have been taken and we only miss valuable things when they are gone.

Another issue is that this project will lead to an increase in traffic.  Were the residents consulted with regards to this decision?  This will also lead to the uglification of the area.

Moreover, tourists come to Victoria to visit the old town, including its houses and not car parks.  What will tourists think if they face a car park in the middle of an old town, between old houses with a distinct design?

We therefore appeal for the conservation of this townhouse.  We must conserve the remaining nice buildings we have before it is too late.

Pascal Aloisio – ADŻ Malta Green Youth Publications Officer


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