Zminijietna supports Editor of Students’ Organisation Newspaper

Zminijietna supports Editor of Students’ Organisation Newspaper ‘Realta’

Zminijietna – Voice of the Left finds the decision taken by the University Rector, Juanito Camilleri, to ask the police to proceed legally against Mark Camilleri, editor of the student’s newspaper Realta, possibly imprisoning him, an intimidation.

“Zminijietna declares its full support and solidarity to Mark Camilleri, holding that the whole issue is set to a right wing, conservative ideological agenda, meant to undermine the freedom of speech on the campus and elsewhere.

It is ironic that no action was taken when SDM, which is represented in KSU, interviewed Norman Lowell, known for his racist and xenophobic ideology, which interview was also held at the KSU boardroom. Could it be that no one objected to this behaviour because SDM holds a privileged status at University?

Zminijietna joins other youth and students organisations such as Moviment Graffitti and Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh in their support and solidarity to Mark Camilleri.

Zminijietna appeals to other students’ organisation to extend their support and solidarity to Mark Camilleri, a colleague who is a victim of a conservative plot to punish and intimidate whom they classify as radical or progressive.

“It would be a dark day for democracy in Malta , a member of the European Union to send a person to prison because of his liberal thinking.”

David Pisani
Zminijietna – Voice of the left.