ADZ organises St Thomas Bay and Munxar cleanup, but says responsibility should be government’s

Last Sunday ADZ – Malta Green Youth organised a clean-up at St Thomas
Bay, Marsaskala. Around ten volunteers helped clean up all of the bay,
starting from San Tomaso restaurant and ending at Munxar.
The clean-up was conducted both on land and sea as a few volunteers
armed themselves with their own scuba-diving equipment to scour the
depths. Over fifteen bags of rubbish were collected.
ADZ has expressed shock at the state sea and shore were in. Reuben
Zammit, Chairperson of ADZ, commented, “It is appalling how much trash
many carelessly chuck aside and leave lying around after enjoying the
beach. We have been informed a clean-up by another NGO had already
been organised just three weeks ago; it is truly regrettable that in
just three weeks so much could be left to accumulate.”
ADZ PRO Robert Callus remarked, “Local and National Government are as
much to blame for this predicament as the perpetrators. It should be
the responsibility of government, not NGOs, to safeguard the natural
environment. This should be done through a combination of proper
surveillance, enforcement, suitable infrastructure and resource
allocation. For instance, something as simple as installing bins, of which there is
a notable lack in the Munxar area, would do much to lessen human
impact on such beaches.”

ADZ participates in Pride March (Press Release)

ADZ – Malta Green Youth participated in this morning’s Pride March in Sliema.

ADZ stands foursquare behind AD’s unequivocal call for equal rights to
be extended to gay couples. ADZ firmly believes the law should make
the same rights accessible to all, regardless of gender, creed, sexual
orientation, ethnicity and social background.

As part of Pride Week, ADZ will be hosting a talk by Ms. Luisa Tolu,
lgbt activist and general secretary of student organisation We Are.
The talk is entitled ‘LGBT & Green Politics: How Can We Tie the
Knot?’. The talk will take place next Thursday 6pm at 67, Strait
Street, Valletta. Further details can be found on Facebook.