Why Stop Spring Hunting?

The Ornis Committee has recently recommended a spring hunting season despite turtle dove being marked vulnerable by the ICUN.  The Turtle dove population is in decline due to habitat loss, climate change and hunting.


Spring hunting does not make sense since in spring turtle doves are on their way to breed.  Protected birds are more statistically likely to be shot and the public is deprived of enjoying the countryside.

Yet, Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, has campaigned in favour of retaining the activity, while Simon Busuttil has also taken a position in favour of spring hunting, thus trying to appease hunters.

Our message is clear: Stop Spring hunting

Daniel Desira – ADŻ Spokesperson

ADŻ calls for effective water management

Our latest PR:


ADŻ is concerned with the lack of effective measures put in place in order to conserve water. The situation this year has verged on critical, as currently Malta has received the lowest amount of rainfall ever recorded. This situation has resulted in little groundwater recharge. With climate change these conditions are becoming more common, and as such ADŻ stresses that there needs to be an effort to increase water conservation.


ADŻ chairperson Marc’ Andrea Cassar commented on the lack of implementation with regards to the installation of wells in all properties. He stated that: “The law stating that every property requires a well has been in place since the times of the Knights. Yet our modern generation seems to know better as today most properties are being constructed without a well.” He continues by stating that: “It is imperative that all properties (new and old) have wells constructed in their properties since our country is experiencing water stress every year.”


ADŻ spokesperson Pascal Aloisio commented on the current free for all situation. He stated that:”Due to the absence of even the most basic monitoring, it is currently possible to drill a borehole anywhere and extract an unlimited amount of water for free. Then Maltese people have to pay for subsidies in order to produce water by reverse osmosis, at a greater expense.” He labelled the current situation as being “unfair” and continued by calling for an introduction of measures. He stated that: “Measures should be set up to monitor illegal extraction. After we know who is extracting ground water, then we can make those people pay for utilizing a national resource”.