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On 8th August 2009, Alternativa Demokratika Zghazagh (ADZ-Green Youth Malta) held its Annual General Meeting. During this AGM the ADZ statute was reviewed and changed, and the participants were invited to discuss ADZ’s past actions and future work to come. A new executive committee was elected during the AGM. The current executive committee is made up of:

Bernardette Mercieca – Chairperson (Email: bernardettemercieca@gmail.com)

Andre Vella – Secretary General (Email: dreamstate87@gmail.com)

Robert Callus – Public Relations Officer (Email: bertucallus@gmail.com)

Dirk Urpani – Male Spokesperson (Email: dirkurpani@hotmail.com)

Nighat Urpani – Female Spokesperson (Email: nighatju@gmail.com)

Rene Colin Magri – International Secretary (Email: renemag@gmail.com)

Colette Farrugia Bennett  – Member (Email: farrig@gmail.com)

Luke Vincenti – Member (Email: vincenti.luke@gmail.com)

The newly elected executive committee are currently working on a work plan for 2009/2010. Any suggestions for this year’s work plan can be sent to the ADZ secretary at (maltagreenyouth@gmail.com). Whilst thanking the past executive committee for their work, I look forward together with the whole newly elected committee to work on further green projects locally and internationally.

Robert Callus


October 2009