Silent Protest over Panama

Last week the ADZ Green Youth (Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ) staged a silent protest in front of parliament as investigations by the European Parliament’s PANA Committee where underway. The European Parliament’s PANA Committee is investigating the practice of tax theft and tax avoidance and the practice of hiding away money in secretive jurisdictions such as Panama. The PANA committee is visiting various EU countries in its investigation.

Multinationals and millionaires not paying their fair share of taxes means that essential public services are paid for by all other taxpayers: workers, employees, small businesses and families, Those who make the most profits manage to avoid taxes and in doing so fail to support public services in the same countries in which they do business.


During the protest the youths wore masks with Minister Konrad Mizzi’s face with the Panamanian flag printed over it. They held slogans such as ‘Workers pay, millionaires steal’. Green MEP Sven Giegold joined AD Chairperson Prof. Arnold Cassola and greeted the protesters before proceeding to Parliament for the PANA committee meeting with Konrad Mizzi.

Later that evening MEP Sven Giegold joined AD and ADZ officials for a press dinner in which he gave an extensive account of the PANA committee’s meetings in Malta.

Marsascala public garden to be turned into parking space?

With regards to Projects Malta’s plans of turning Marsaskala’s public garden into a parking area, we believe that this will negatively impact the residents’ quality of life.
Over the years, Marsaskala has grown while eating away open spaces making the locality
lose its original character.

As a summer resident, I can tell you that the public garden is a vital spot for the urban
environment. It’s a place where people may sit down in the shade of the trees, where
children may play and where sparrows roost in the tamarisk trees.

It was refreshing to see that the local council has unanimously voted against the proposal.
However, it is expected that councillors stay consistent on other issues such as Sadeen’s
University at Żonqor.

Daniel Desira – ADŻ Public Relations Officer