Behind a Digital Burqa

Though the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe interests me a lot, I didn’t really follow the debate on whether the burqa should be banned or not. I believe the issue has been polarised by anti-Muslims who use it as an excuse to create fear of Muslims as well as by Islamists who want also want to create the fear that “they want to take away your religion”

I sympathise with neither.

On the issue itself, I think both sides have a point. When it comes to the rights of women, I’m completely against the ban. I believe a woman should be free to go out stark naked or fully clothed as long as she’s not coerced to do so.

On the other hand there’s the issue of security. Could a person use such a garment to hide his identity when committing a crime? Should someone be allowed to enter a bank if even her face is not recognizable? I think the answer is obvious.

There is a place however, where hiding your identity is completely permissible and it’s being done left, right and centre. This place is the Internet.

The example I will bring is also on the issue of Muslims in Europe (and the U.S)

I find this video completely disturbing and believe it is a threat to national security much more than a woman wearing a burqa.

First of all, the statistics are wrong – completely. If I get the numbers of how many Muslims are in Europe and how many children they have randomly from a bingo-bag, I’ll probably be more accurate.

Needless to say the speculation on those numbers on what will happen in 30 years time is pure fiction.

This video has already been seen more than 13 million times.

What I find most disturbing about this video is that we don’t know whose done it. All we have is a nom de plume “friendofmuslim”. Worse still, comments on the clip are disabled. (there are dozens of video clips like this on Youtube, made by different anonymous people since the statistics between one clip and another contradict themselves).

I am against censorship in general. However, one does not only have rights but also obligations. And here, the obligation is that you own up to the lies you are saying. If I start squandering Tom, Dick and Harry, I can be taken to court and ordered to pay damages.

This is only possible because my identity as author of this blog is public knowledge. On the other hand, who knows who the heck is “friendofmuslim