5 New Year Resolutions for 2018

HappyYear 2018(1)Eliminate waste

Reduce waste including plastic – find alternative sources (Eg: Buying a reusable bottle; using meshbags for the vegetables etc). Other small actions can go a long way – turning off the lights when leaving a room and taking your left overs back home when eating out (most restaurants would be happy to help).


Learn to disconnect

Try to spend less time online. Do not reply to emails from work when at home unless you absolutely have to. You’ll be amazed how much more time you’ll be able to spend with your special someone, your family and friends.


Leave the car in the garage

Travel less by car and catch the bus, car-pool or even better get on that bicycle! Both the planet and your body will thank you for that.


Take more care of your online privacy

Make sure that your information on social media is restricted at the desirable privacy level. Also take a minute or two to check what hardware and information will be used by an app before installing it on your device.


Exercise more often

Exercising releases a dose of endorphins which while do not do away with all your problems, definitely help you to feel better throughout the day. Whether it’s a jog or bike ride in the park or lifting weights, it will boast both your physical and mental health.

Bonus – Give something back

Whether you offer your help to people whom you encounter on everyday life, or you engage in broad civic action in your community, you will make a difference in someone’s life. Lastly, our political activism is aimed at a social and ecological transformation of Malta, so why not join us?

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