What about eco-Gozo?

Robert Callus, PRO, Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ, Mosta

If there is one thing that keeps young people away from politics it is hypocrisy: the feeling of being lied to, of being told that things are being done in your own interest when you know it was never like that.

After decades of rampant abuse and overdevelopment in our beautiful island of Gozo, the PN came out with the concept of eco-Gozo only during its electoral campaign after the Greens had been already proposing as such.

Though the eco-Gozo buzzword is still being used, no concrete action is taking place to stop the rape of this island. What is happening with the proposed development at the pristine land at Ta’ Ċenċ?

Why is the Mepa appeals board still dragging its feet on the Ramla l-Ħamra villas? This not to mention the eyesores at Fort Chambray, the concrete block at Dwejra and the destruction of small hamlets such as Santu Pietru in Għarb by replacing the countryside with even more flats. What is happening about the proposal of the new village to be built at Ħondoq? Moreover, what is happening with regard to the fact that one in every three properties are empty in Gozo?

An honest commitment towards a real eco-Gozo would be a win-win situation in terms of preserving our natural environment, promoting health and, above all, attracting tourists.

In places such as the UK, millions of pounds are spent to create synthetic places like our beautiful island.

They crave for something like that and, even if it’s artificial and expensive, they want to have it in their own backyard. Yet, our government is foolishly destroying what we have for free in the interest of the few.

AD supports Unions

Consistent with our position that the energy sector has been neglected
for years on end, that there is no approved national energy policy yet
and that this neglect is leading to overnight price hikes in utility
bills, AD is supporting the unions’ peaceful demonstration on Sunday
28 February 2010 in Valletta.

12 unions are organising the activity, including the Malta Union of
Teachers, the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses, various professional
and house unions such as the University of Malta Academics
Association, the Unions of cabin crew, government architects,
engineers, the MEPA employees’ union and the General Workers’ Union.

I invite you to join the AD delegation for this activity, we will meet
in front of the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana at 3pm. If you would like
to drop a message to indicate that you will be joining us please send
me an email on cassarralph@gmail.com (Subject: DEMO).


Ralph Cassar
Secretary General
Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party

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