ADZ – Wied il-Ghasel Development Must Be Stopped (Press Release)

ADZ – Malta Green Youth has called on MEPA to halt further development in Wied il-Ghasel during next Thursday’s appeal. As the last remaining natural valley passing through a village-centre, which MEPA itself lists as an area of ecological importance, the valley should be protected accordingly.

Reuben Zammit, chairperson of ADZ, stated: “Irreversible damage has
already been done to the valley. Further incursions would deprive us
of yet another of our few remaining undeveloped areas and of what
little is left of our countryside and natural waterways. We therefore
join Alternattiva Demokratika, Nature Trust and Harsien Patrimonju
Mosti in clamouring for an end to this madness. MEPA cannot possibly
ignore the objections of 24,000 Maltese who hold the valley at heart.”

Last Sunday, around 20 individuals joined ADZ in an extensive tour of
the valley lasting over four hours. The tour was conducted by a
professional guide who pointed out the natural as well as historical
beauties of the valley and contrasted them with the man-made scar that the contested development constitutes.

Voting Age at 16

Alternattiva Demokratika has renewed its call for the voting age to be reduced to 16 for local, European and general elections.

Party leader Michael Briguglio said at a press conference that this would be a concrete change which entrusted young people with a key decision in their life, just as they were entrusted to take up employment and further their education.

Reuben Zammit, chairman of Green Youth, AD’s youth arm recalled that AD had lobbied for universal suffrage to be extended to 16-year olds since before the 2008 general elections.

“Malta’s youth should be allowed to have a say as much as anyone else in politics, more so since today’s decisions and policies will form the world we must live in tomorrow.”

Crimes Against Democracy

Crimes Against Democracy

In view of the recent violent attacks on members of Birdlife and CABS activists, Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh – the Green Youth would like to bring to attention the seriousness of intimidating people one disagrees with.

Spokesperson for ADZ Dirk Urpani stated ‘four years ago we witnessed arson attacks on people who dared open their mouth on the issue of racism. Now something on the same lines is happening against people who dare oppose illegal hunting by filming it. This is a crime more serious than illegal hunting itself as it sends a message to society that some people can get what they want by the use of physical violence”

“It is even more worrying that the FKNK seems to be watering down these abuses claiming ‘provocation’. It is also making unfounded claims that the activists were trespassing. However, even if against all odds, this is really the case, the violence is unjustified. In that case, the aggressors had the option of calling the police.” Concluded Mr Urpani.

Delitti kontra d-Demokrazija

Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ tixtieq tiġbed l-attenzjoni dwar l-użu ta’ vjolenza u intimidazzjoni fuq persuni li wieħed mhux neċċessarjament jaqbel magħhom kif ġara fl-aħħar sensila ta’ attakki vjolenti fuq membri tal-Birdlife u l-attivisiti tal-CABS.

Kelliem għal ADZ Dirk Urpani qal, “Erba’ snin ilu rajna attakki fuq persuni li kellhom il-kuraġġ jitkellmu dwar il-kwistjoni ta’ razziżmu. Issa qegħdin naraw attakki fuq persuni li jopponu apertament il-kaċċa llegali u jifilmjawha. Dan ir-reat hu iktar serju minn dak tal-kaċċa llegali innifisha għax jgħati x’jifhem li hemm persuni li jistghu jieħdu dak li jridu billi jużaw il-vjolenza fiżika.”

“Aktar inkwetatni hu l-fatt li l-FKNK qegħdin jipprovaw inaqqsu l-gravita ta’ dawn l-atti billi jsostnu li kienu risposta għal ‘provokazzjoni’ li kaċċaturi ġarrbu meta l-attivisti daħlu fi propjeta privata. Anqas li kieku dak li qegħdin jgħidu l-FKNK hu minnu, dan xorta ma jiġustifikax l-użu tal-vjolenza. F’dak il-każ setgħu ċemplu l-puluzija”, temm jghid is-Sur Urpani

Robert Callus

ADZ The Green Youth – PRO

Jailing reformed addicts

Tuesday, 20th April 2010

Jailing reformed addicts

Robert Callus, Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ, Mosta

On a regular basis we read of cases where drug addicts get prison sentences for crimes committed four or more years before being found guilty. Some of these have in the meantime rehabilitated themselves and are able to prove it.

Though many times the sentence is of less than a year imprisonment, this is still unjust and the only thing it achieves is to disrupt the life the rehabilitated addict has managed to rebuild.

Prison in this situation invades the person’s life and the new relationships he has managed to build, which many times also includes his job.

Apart from that, it is now in the open that drugs manage to enter prison, and how! In fact we have been approached by people who are more afraid of the drugs they find inside than prison itself. This goes completely against what they learn in rehab programmes, that in order to remain clean they should avoid people and places that are related to drug abuse.

Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ suggests that depending on individual circumstances, these people are either pardoned (with certain conditions if necessary) for the crimes they had committed as a result of their addiction or are given a substitute punishment such as community work.

Such measures are not only fair to drug addicts and their families, but are also beneficial for the rest of society, which is more interested in having people who can give a positive contribution than making sure that everyone pays the pound of flesh.

Roadblocks and Civil Liberties

Press Release 5/04/10

Roadblocks and Civil Liberties

Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh spokesperson Dirk Urpani said that while there may be circumstances in which road blocks may be necessary these circumstances and the procedures used should be well defined.

Dirk Urpani said: ‘The use of road blocks should be the exception rather than the rule. Law enforcement resources should be put to better use. The reasons on what constitutes ‘reasonable suspicion’ should be clearly defined. Stopping people who are driving dangerously or are using a vehicle unfit for the road – such as lack of proper lights is one thing; just pulling up people because of their looks is another. Organized crime will not be stopped through road blocks where most of the time young people are targeted because of the way they dress or look.’

To make sure that road blocks are only used when really necessary and in exceptional circumstances ADZ proposes that a report is filed for every person stopped. Filming the procedure to safeguard individuals stopped and to make sure that the procedures are followed should also be considered.

Serious checks and balances will guarantee the general public that their rights are respected, and will help restore back the faith in our law enforcement agencies, which in recent times has been tarnished.

Roadblocks u l-Liberta Civili

Il-keliem ewlieni ta’ Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh, Dirk Urpani, qal li waqt li jezistu cirkustansi fejn road blocks huma neccesarji, dawn ic-cirkustansi u proceduri ghandhom ikunu definiti iktar ahjar.

Dirk Urpani qal: ‘L-uzu ta’ road blocks ghandhom ikunu eccezzjonijiet, u mhux rutina. Ir-rizorsi tal-infurzar tal-ligi ghandhom jigu uzati b’mod aktar ahjar. Il-klawzula li juzaw l-ufficjali tal-infurzar tal-ligi ta’ ‘suspet ragonevoli’ ghanda tigi defenita iktar cara. Mod jigu mmwaqfa nies li qedghin isuqu perikoluz, jew isuqu karrozza li mihiex posta fuq it-toroq minhabba affarjiet bhan-nuqas ta’ dawl li taghti l-karrozza; u mod jigu mmwaqfa nies minhabba kif jilbsu. Il-kriminalita organizata mhux ser titwaqqaf bil-hila tar-road blocks, meta hafna mid-drabi jigu mmwaqfa zghazagh minhabba t-tip ta’ hwejjeg li jilbsu u kif jaghzlu li jidru.’

Biex ir-road blocks jintuzaw biss meta jkun neccessarju u f’cirkustansi eccezjonali, ADZ qed tiproponi li ghal kull persuna mmwaqfa jinkiteb rapport mil-ufficjal. Ghanda wkoll tigi konsiderata li l-procedura shiha tigi ddokumentata fuq film biex l-individwi li jigu mmwaqfa jigu salvagwardati u biex jigi impost li l-procedura t-tajba tigi mharsa.

Mizuri bhal dawn jiggarantixxu lil pubbliku li d-drittijiet taghhom jigu mharsa, kif ukoll jghinu lil forzi tal-ordni jergghu jiksbu l-fiducja mal-publiku li dan l-ahhar naqset gmiela.

Robert Callus


Contact no 79307622

ADZ representative serving in the newly elected KNZ executive team for 2010/2011

During last Saturday’s (20th March) Annual General Assembly of the
National Youth Council (KNZ) elections were carried out for the new
KNZ executive committee. A total of sixteen nominees contested these
elections, all coming from various member organizations. Finally
eleven youths were elected to be in the executive committee. Like
years before, including 2009/2010, a member of ADZ was elected. Mr
Dirk Urpani, who is only seventeen years old was elected fifth in his
first running for the executive. He now holds the role of Deputy
Secretary within this new KNZ executive.

Whilst thanking last year’s KNZ executive team for the work they did,
ADZ congratulates the newly elected KNZ team. ADZ PRO Robert Callus
commented that ADZ were looking forward to the activities and projects
KNZ will be carrying out this year. ADZ looks forward to seeing KNZ
working closer with all youth organizations and whilst ignoring
partisan politics looking to represent all youths even if not being
represented by youth organizations.


Rapprezentant tal-ADZ fit-team tal-ezekuttiv gdid tal-KNZ ghal 2010/2011

Waqt l-Assemblea Generali Annwali tal-Kunsill Nazzjonal tal-Zghazagh
(KNŻ) saru l-elezzjonijiet ghal kumitat ezekuttv gdid fil-KNŻ.
B’kollox sittax il-kandidati ikkontestaw dawn l-elezzjonijiet, kollha
gejjin minn ghaqdiet differenti. Hdax il-żaghżugh/a gew eletti
fil-kumitat eżekuttiv. Bhas-snin ta’ qabel, inkluz 2009/2010, membru
tal-ADŻ gie elett. Dirk Urpani li ghad ghandu biss sbatax il-sena gie
elett il-hames persuna f’din l-ewwel darba li kkontesta
ghall-eżekuttiv. Dirk ghandu l-irwol ta’ deputat segretarju
fl-eżekuttiv il-gdid tal-KNŻ.

Waqt li tirringrazzja t-team tal-eżekuttiv tas-sena l-ohra ghax-xoghol
li ghamlu, ADZ tikkongratula lit-team gdid tal KNZ. Il-PRO tal-ADŻ
Robert Callus ikkummenta li ADZ thares il-quddiem lejn attivitajiet u
progetti li l-KNŻ ser tkun qed twettaq din is-sena. ADZ theggeg lil
KNZ biex tahdem aktar qrib mal-ghaqdiet taż-żghażagh u tinjora politka
partiggjana waqt li tfittex li tirrappreżenta ż-żghażagh kollha,
inkluz dawk li mhumiex rapprezentati f’ghaqdiet taż-żaghżagh.

Robert Callus
Alternattiva Demokratika Zaghzagh

What about eco-Gozo?

Robert Callus, PRO, Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ, Mosta

If there is one thing that keeps young people away from politics it is hypocrisy: the feeling of being lied to, of being told that things are being done in your own interest when you know it was never like that.

After decades of rampant abuse and overdevelopment in our beautiful island of Gozo, the PN came out with the concept of eco-Gozo only during its electoral campaign after the Greens had been already proposing as such.

Though the eco-Gozo buzzword is still being used, no concrete action is taking place to stop the rape of this island. What is happening with the proposed development at the pristine land at Ta’ Ċenċ?

Why is the Mepa appeals board still dragging its feet on the Ramla l-Ħamra villas? This not to mention the eyesores at Fort Chambray, the concrete block at Dwejra and the destruction of small hamlets such as Santu Pietru in Għarb by replacing the countryside with even more flats. What is happening about the proposal of the new village to be built at Ħondoq? Moreover, what is happening with regard to the fact that one in every three properties are empty in Gozo?

An honest commitment towards a real eco-Gozo would be a win-win situation in terms of preserving our natural environment, promoting health and, above all, attracting tourists.

In places such as the UK, millions of pounds are spent to create synthetic places like our beautiful island.

They crave for something like that and, even if it’s artificial and expensive, they want to have it in their own backyard. Yet, our government is foolishly destroying what we have for free in the interest of the few.

Climate Change: Less Talk, More Action

Stqarrija Stampa 23/11/09

Tibdil fil-Klima: Inqas Paroli, Iktar Fatti

Il-Moviment Graffitti u l-Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh qeghdin illum itellghu azzjoni simbolika bl-isem ta’ ‘Less Talk, More Action’ quddiem il-bini fejn qed issir il-laqgha tal-Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM). Dan il-forum, li huwa maghmul minn rapprezentanti ta’ diversi parlamenti tal-Mediterran, qed jiddiskuti it-tibdil fil-klima bi preparazzjoni ghall-laqgha dinjija f’Kopenhagen f’Dicembru li gej.

“Filwaqt li laqghat li jiddiskutu l-problemi relatati mat-tibdil fil-klima huma importanti, ma nistghux ma nikkummentawx fuq il-fatt li wara snin twal ta’ laqghat ta’ dan it-tip ghadu kwazi ma ntlahaq xejn konkert sabiex jitnaqqsu l-emissjonijiet li jwasslu ghal dan il-fenomenu. Sadanittant id-dinja kompliet tishon, il-blokok tas-silg jinhallu u d-dezerti jikbru. Il-konsegwenzi tragici tat-tibdil fil-klima dejjem qed isiru iktar reali u fil-qrib, izda jidher li ghad m’hemmx ir-rieda politika minn bosta gvernijiet sabiex l-gheruq ta’ din il-problema jigu ndirizzati. Jidher li l-laqgha f’Kopenhagen, li suppost kellha tkun zvolta fil-glieda ta’ din il-problema, falliet qabel ma bdiet. Dan ghaliex bosta pajjizi, specjalment dawk kbar u sinjuri, mhux lesti li joholqu miri ta’ tnaqqis ta’ emissjonijiet b’mod li verament tkun indirizzata l-problema tat-tibdil fil-klima.”

“Il-laqgha tal-PAM qeghda tiddiskuti iktar kif se nkampaw mal-konsegwenzi tat-tibdil klimatiku, milli kif nistghu nevitawhom. Nirrikonoxxu l-fatt li bosta pajjizi fil-Mediterran m’ghandhomx l-istess htija ghal din il-problema bhal ma ghandhom pajjizi kbar li ilhom industrijalizzati ghal hafna snin u li tulhom lahhqu niggzu l-ambjent bil-kbir. Huwa propju ghalhekk li l-pajjizi tal-Mediterran ghandhom imorru f’laqghat bhal dawk ta’ Kopenhagen sabiex jitolbu li jigu verament imnaqqsa l-emissjonijiet tac-CO2, filwaqt li jinsistu li jigu mghejuna pajjizi inqas industrijalizzati sabiex jinvestu f’energija nadifa. Izda l-pajjizi tal-Mediterran ghandhom ukoll jerfghu ir-responsabiltajiet taghhom quddiem din is-sitwazzjoni. Malta stess ilha snin twal b’power stations li jniggzu hafna u jidher li fil-futur qarib il-gvern se jkompli jinvesti f’energija li thammeg.”

Chris Mizzi (mobile number 99278223)
Ghall-Moviment Graffitti u Alternativa Demokratika Zaghzagh

Press Release 23/11/09

Climate Change:  Less Talk, More Action

Moviment Graffitti and Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh have organised a symbolic action with the slogan “Less Talk, More Action” in front of the building where a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) is being held.  This forum, which is made up of representatives of various Mediterranean parliaments, is discussing climate change issues in preparation for the world summit in Copenhagen this December.

“While meetings which discuss problems related to climate change are important, we cannot but comment on the fact that after long years of such talks, nothing concrete has been achieved in order to reduce emissions leading to this phenomenon.  In the meantime the world’s climate is getting warmer, ice blocks are melting and deserts are expanding.  The tragic consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly nearer and more real.  However, it seems that there is no political will on the part of many governments to address the roots of this problem.  The Copenhagen summit, which was supposed to bring a significant change in the right direction, has apparently already failed before it even started.  This is because many countries, especially those which are larger and wealthier, are not ready to establish targets for the reduction of emissions in a way which would really address the problem of climate change.”

“The PAM meeting is more concerned with how to deal with the consequences of climate change rather than with how to prevent them.  We do recognise the fact that many Mediterranean countries are not to blame for the problem as much as much as larger countries which became industrialised decades ago and which have contributed in a bigger way to environmental degradation.  It is precisely for this reason that Mediterranean countries should attend meetings such as those of Copenhagen so that they will request that CO2 emissions be reduced, while insisting that less industrialised countries should be helped to invest in cleaner energy.  However Mediterranean countries should also face up to their responsibilities in this situation.  Malta itself has for many years operated power stations which are highly polluting and apparently the government plans to continue investing in dirty technology.”

Chris Mizzi (mobile number 99278223)
f/Moviment Graffitti and Alternativa Demokratika Zaghzagh

El Sadi’s comments deemed out of line

Alternattiva Demokratika Zaghzagh would like to show its disapproval of Imam El Sadi’s views he displayed on a local television program, especially his condoning of physical violence on people who committed a criminal offence and his explicit homophobia.

Dirk Urpani, spokesperson for ADZ stated “while we are all out for freedom of speech, it is highly irresponsible for a religious leader to promote anti-social policies. Though he was referring to non-European countries, certain rights are universal and acts such as cutting off hands of people convicted of theft should be condemned by anyone living in a democratic country. Mr El Sadi’s homophobic references are equally disgusting and we believe he should apologise to the LGBT community, especially for ridiculing same sex marriages or unions by comparing them to ‘marrying a cat or a dog’.”

“One should also keep in mind that in this country, there are refugees who have fled from the oppression of Muslim regimes. It is very offensive, to say the least, to a person who left his/her country because of such persecution only to find a religious leader condoning the same practices that caused their oppression.


Robert Callus
ADZ – Green Youth

Student organisations discouraged

Today at the Junior College in Msida, the KSJC (Kunsill Studenti
Junior College) were not allowed to hold a press conference inside the
newly- refurbished KSJC office which is within the Junior College

Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh completely disagrees with the
negative attitude of the Junior College administration. It seems that
the Junior College Administration is now not even allowing student
organisations to organise any activities within the school foyer. The
school foyer used to be the hub of student activity.

ADZ spokesperson Dirk Urpani said:’We hope that the situation at the
Junior College improves and that student organisations are encouraged
and not hindered.’

Robert Callus


November 2009