Green agenda and sexual health policy

Andrè Vella, secretary general, ADŻ-Green Youth, Balzan

In response to Charlene Valen­tina Giordimaina’s letter (Holistic Sex Education, November 10), I would like to draw her attention to ADŻ-Green Youth’s holistic policy towards sexual policy, which can be found on our blog at . Once she goes through it, she will realise that our view of a holistic youth sexual health policy goes beyond the simple use of contraceptives. It encompasses an educational campaign to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and to adopt safer sexual practices.

It is for this reason that we decided to disparage Gozo Bishop Mario Grech’s comments directed at a truly holistic approach to sexual health. For a campaign based solely on the notion of abstinence is not effective. In fact, our view concurs with Philip Carabot’s and others who dismissed Bishop Grech’s comments.

In today’s day and age, we should move away from mediaeval myths about contraception. Although Ms Giordimaina does not seem to think so, holistic teaching incorporates contraception. Does she think that teachers are currently failing or “abusing” students by teaching them also about contraception?