Xgħajra’s countryside is turned into rubbish dump (Letter to the Editor, Times)

Our more scenic localities are being increasingly lined with promenades. One can now stroll leisurely from one fixed point to another while enjoying the beautiful view and, with luck, some fresh sea air.

Those few adventurous enough to take the road less travelled, however, will find themselves greatly disappointed. Recently, as I ventured well past the Ta’ Barkat sewage plant in Xgħajra (vicinity of Żabbar) en route to Marsascala, I came across a car boot sale of broken washing machines, whole mountains of shards of glass, a selection of rusted car parts, some appetising rabbit fur covered in blood and a very dead dog left to RIP – rot in public – for all passers-by to enjoy.



Yet another of the few places where one can enjoy walking away from traffic and noise is being treated like a dumpster. This is a clear indication of some people’s blatant disregard for both the environment and each other. Such illegal and unregulated dumping sites are not only unsightly but also dangerous, being soil contaminants and deadly fire hazards, in addition to posing health-related risks.

Moreover this neglect causes difficulties for individuals, such as myself, who would rather take their dog for a nice walk in the countryside, where they can walk freely and at ease, than having to attentively look out for traffic and dodge obstacles every step of the way. Such people could easily injure themselves or accidentally come in contact with something that is disease-ridden, bringing back home a nice memento.

Is the local council aware of all this, and if yes, what is it doing? Out of sight should not be out of mind



Anne Marie Apap