Climate Change: Less Talk, More Action

Stqarrija Stampa 23/11/09

Tibdil fil-Klima: Inqas Paroli, Iktar Fatti

Il-Moviment Graffitti u l-Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh qeghdin illum itellghu azzjoni simbolika bl-isem ta’ ‘Less Talk, More Action’ quddiem il-bini fejn qed issir il-laqgha tal-Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM). Dan il-forum, li huwa maghmul minn rapprezentanti ta’ diversi parlamenti tal-Mediterran, qed jiddiskuti it-tibdil fil-klima bi preparazzjoni ghall-laqgha dinjija f’Kopenhagen f’Dicembru li gej.

“Filwaqt li laqghat li jiddiskutu l-problemi relatati mat-tibdil fil-klima huma importanti, ma nistghux ma nikkummentawx fuq il-fatt li wara snin twal ta’ laqghat ta’ dan it-tip ghadu kwazi ma ntlahaq xejn konkert sabiex jitnaqqsu l-emissjonijiet li jwasslu ghal dan il-fenomenu. Sadanittant id-dinja kompliet tishon, il-blokok tas-silg jinhallu u d-dezerti jikbru. Il-konsegwenzi tragici tat-tibdil fil-klima dejjem qed isiru iktar reali u fil-qrib, izda jidher li ghad m’hemmx ir-rieda politika minn bosta gvernijiet sabiex l-gheruq ta’ din il-problema jigu ndirizzati. Jidher li l-laqgha f’Kopenhagen, li suppost kellha tkun zvolta fil-glieda ta’ din il-problema, falliet qabel ma bdiet. Dan ghaliex bosta pajjizi, specjalment dawk kbar u sinjuri, mhux lesti li joholqu miri ta’ tnaqqis ta’ emissjonijiet b’mod li verament tkun indirizzata l-problema tat-tibdil fil-klima.”

“Il-laqgha tal-PAM qeghda tiddiskuti iktar kif se nkampaw mal-konsegwenzi tat-tibdil klimatiku, milli kif nistghu nevitawhom. Nirrikonoxxu l-fatt li bosta pajjizi fil-Mediterran m’ghandhomx l-istess htija ghal din il-problema bhal ma ghandhom pajjizi kbar li ilhom industrijalizzati ghal hafna snin u li tulhom lahhqu niggzu l-ambjent bil-kbir. Huwa propju ghalhekk li l-pajjizi tal-Mediterran ghandhom imorru f’laqghat bhal dawk ta’ Kopenhagen sabiex jitolbu li jigu verament imnaqqsa l-emissjonijiet tac-CO2, filwaqt li jinsistu li jigu mghejuna pajjizi inqas industrijalizzati sabiex jinvestu f’energija nadifa. Izda l-pajjizi tal-Mediterran ghandhom ukoll jerfghu ir-responsabiltajiet taghhom quddiem din is-sitwazzjoni. Malta stess ilha snin twal b’power stations li jniggzu hafna u jidher li fil-futur qarib il-gvern se jkompli jinvesti f’energija li thammeg.”

Chris Mizzi (mobile number 99278223)
Ghall-Moviment Graffitti u Alternativa Demokratika Zaghzagh

Press Release 23/11/09

Climate Change:  Less Talk, More Action

Moviment Graffitti and Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh have organised a symbolic action with the slogan “Less Talk, More Action” in front of the building where a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) is being held.  This forum, which is made up of representatives of various Mediterranean parliaments, is discussing climate change issues in preparation for the world summit in Copenhagen this December.

“While meetings which discuss problems related to climate change are important, we cannot but comment on the fact that after long years of such talks, nothing concrete has been achieved in order to reduce emissions leading to this phenomenon.  In the meantime the world’s climate is getting warmer, ice blocks are melting and deserts are expanding.  The tragic consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly nearer and more real.  However, it seems that there is no political will on the part of many governments to address the roots of this problem.  The Copenhagen summit, which was supposed to bring a significant change in the right direction, has apparently already failed before it even started.  This is because many countries, especially those which are larger and wealthier, are not ready to establish targets for the reduction of emissions in a way which would really address the problem of climate change.”

“The PAM meeting is more concerned with how to deal with the consequences of climate change rather than with how to prevent them.  We do recognise the fact that many Mediterranean countries are not to blame for the problem as much as much as larger countries which became industrialised decades ago and which have contributed in a bigger way to environmental degradation.  It is precisely for this reason that Mediterranean countries should attend meetings such as those of Copenhagen so that they will request that CO2 emissions be reduced, while insisting that less industrialised countries should be helped to invest in cleaner energy.  However Mediterranean countries should also face up to their responsibilities in this situation.  Malta itself has for many years operated power stations which are highly polluting and apparently the government plans to continue investing in dirty technology.”

Chris Mizzi (mobile number 99278223)
f/Moviment Graffitti and Alternativa Demokratika Zaghzagh

El Sadi’s comments deemed out of line

Alternattiva Demokratika Zaghzagh would like to show its disapproval of Imam El Sadi’s views he displayed on a local television program, especially his condoning of physical violence on people who committed a criminal offence and his explicit homophobia.

Dirk Urpani, spokesperson for ADZ stated “while we are all out for freedom of speech, it is highly irresponsible for a religious leader to promote anti-social policies. Though he was referring to non-European countries, certain rights are universal and acts such as cutting off hands of people convicted of theft should be condemned by anyone living in a democratic country. Mr El Sadi’s homophobic references are equally disgusting and we believe he should apologise to the LGBT community, especially for ridiculing same sex marriages or unions by comparing them to ‘marrying a cat or a dog’.”

“One should also keep in mind that in this country, there are refugees who have fled from the oppression of Muslim regimes. It is very offensive, to say the least, to a person who left his/her country because of such persecution only to find a religious leader condoning the same practices that caused their oppression.


Robert Callus
ADZ – Green Youth

Student organisations discouraged

Today at the Junior College in Msida, the KSJC (Kunsill Studenti
Junior College) were not allowed to hold a press conference inside the
newly- refurbished KSJC office which is within the Junior College

Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh completely disagrees with the
negative attitude of the Junior College administration. It seems that
the Junior College Administration is now not even allowing student
organisations to organise any activities within the school foyer. The
school foyer used to be the hub of student activity.

ADZ spokesperson Dirk Urpani said:’We hope that the situation at the
Junior College improves and that student organisations are encouraged
and not hindered.’

Robert Callus


November 2009

Looking forward to work with you – ADZ

New logo

On 8th August 2009, Alternativa Demokratika Zghazagh (ADZ-Green Youth Malta) held its Annual General Meeting. During this AGM the ADZ statute was reviewed and changed, and the participants were invited to discuss ADZ’s past actions and future work to come. A new executive committee was elected during the AGM. The current executive committee is made up of:

Bernardette Mercieca – Chairperson (Email:

Andre Vella – Secretary General (Email:

Robert Callus – Public Relations Officer (Email:

Dirk Urpani – Male Spokesperson (Email:

Nighat Urpani – Female Spokesperson (Email:

Rene Colin Magri – International Secretary (Email:

Colette Farrugia Bennett  – Member (Email:

Luke Vincenti – Member (Email:

The newly elected executive committee are currently working on a work plan for 2009/2010. Any suggestions for this year’s work plan can be sent to the ADZ secretary at ( Whilst thanking the past executive committee for their work, I look forward together with the whole newly elected committee to work on further green projects locally and internationally.

Robert Callus


October 2009