Green Congress 2017

Live from Liverpool: Danika Formosa, Marc’Andrea Cassar and Anne Marie Azzopardi together with the Green Party leader, Arnold Cassola, are currently attending the Greens Congress which is being held in Liverpool. They are representing Alternattiva Demokratika, Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh as well as Fondazzjoni Ceratonia.
This is a large-scale event which brings together representatives from over 90 countries around the world for a joint green congress. Many green movements such as the European Green Party (EGP), the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG), the Global Greens and Global Young Greens (GYG), together with many organisations from all around the globe are involved and brought together to discuss a vast array of topics, such as migration, human rights and climate change.
During the Congress, the Maltese Delegation will be voting on amendments, structures and policy papers by the European Green Party, the Global Greens and the Global Young Greens.
Earlier today, delegates and young activists joined the Maltese Young Greens in support towards the Manoel Island proposals. They stood together with a banner stating ‘Manoel Island National Park’ as the team explained the issues we are facing. Alternattiva Demokratika insists that the breach of contract which granted the island to MIDI should lead to the land being taken back by the state and become a national park.
It has been a great event so far. We were given a great opportunity to meet great people around the world, share experiences and good practices.
Danika Formosa
International Secretary – AD/ADZ
Project Co-ordinator – Ceratonia Foundation

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