Mosta development application turned down

Last Monday marked an important day in the history of planning and development in Malta.  I am talking about the Planning Authority’s decision to refuse a development application in Mosta, which would have taken up a massive stretch of land.  The development would have required over 38,000 square metres of land, which is a substantial amount, considering the limited land are we have in Malta.

It is vital that for all massive developments, such as the one turned down yesterday, a sustainable development approach is taken into consideration.  This means taking into consideration all the social, economic and environmental impacts.

Currently we’ve already urbanised over a third of our country.  Unless we plan and take decisions in a responsible way, that is sustainably, we will suffer substantial consequences in the near future.  It seems sometimes that we forget about our limited land area we have in Malta.  The Maltese Islands together only comprise some 316 square kilometres.  For this reason it is of utmost importance that decisions are taken based on the common good and not entirely on an economic basis.  Only then can we achieve a sustainable level of planning, which will also significantly contribute positively to our quality of life.

Pascal Aloisio – ADŻ Malta Green Youth Publications Officer

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