Azure Window Collapse

Following  this week’s fall, there is a major lesson to be learnt. Nature’s decisions are final. No matter what we do, it will have and find its own way to come over.

Some people were suggesting along the way that the Azure window should have been supported. How this would have been possible is beyond me. I am not a geologist, so I have no idea what could have been done. Maybe iron or cement. A solution which might have eventually been overtaken by nature, to have iron or cement left over to erode at the bottom of the sea.

The way things happened, the personified Azure Window’s life cycle ended naturally. Nature gives and nature takes. At the end of the day, we glorified this piece of rock, owned it, and turned it into our own… not realising that we cannot control it.


In HG Well’s Time Machine, the protagonist travels ahead billions of years in the future, and in a restored world, he still finds traces of our old technology, being engulfed by the natural process. An initial process to this can be seen among the leftovers of Chernobyl, and other similar abandoned sites.

In other words, nature will have its own ways of destroying and gaining back what we took away. But it will take a long time to do it. We spend less than a century in this world. We should not destroy nature in favour of buildings and skyscrapers. The amount of work taken to gain back the land and nature destroyed is too long for our lifetimes to enjoy it.  We should stop destroying the natural world in favour of pieces of rock.

We should be heartbroken over what is pristine and ours. We should learn to love what is left, and cry over it the same way we cried over the Azure Window

Anna Azzopardi – ADŻ General Secretary


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