Our money and the state

Let us all admit that money is important. Sure it doesnt solve all problems but it makes life easier; our monthly bills, fuel, internet, it affects our social life, travel and even opening new businesses and opportunities and investments involve money. What I am going to focus on is the latter and what a government, in an ideal situation can do to help youth rising up to opening new businesses and other similar opportunities.

First and foremost is cliché alert – education: we need to equip our youth for the battle of a lifetime adulthood. We can only do that if we provide the necessary training and initiatives for youth to embark on investing in themselves and businesses. Courses, incentives, and scholarship are the package the government can offer to train the young. MCAST has in recent years tried to address such needs and has in fact enabled entrepreneurs and career seekers to thrive. We feel that the government should continue to invest accordingly to enable places like MCAST to continue to invest and adapt courses to an ever changing and growing national economy. The University of Malta and other institutions of higher education should continue to invest in their academic portfolio to also be equipped for a modern economy, in parallel with the efforts of the MCAST polytechnic.


Secondly, allow the opportunities to thrive less paperwork to open a businesses, allow easy access to education (especially for employees who want to further their studies), latch on to economic opportunities such as the film and the gaming sector. Policies favouring reuse of existing buildings, financial incentives for green commercial enterprises such as those favouring renewable energy technologies; alternative modes of transport and better employment conditions.

And equally, we need good governance we need to spread the message to our citizens that their future income and livelihoods will not be at stake, that the state will be investing in you; that hard work pays off and that economic growth will benefit most of us.

Our bread and butter is at stake unless the government will allow us to prosper sensibly. A small country like Malta can act as a model for other countries and should be able to show the world how much it can achieve, despite our limited resources.

Nizar Hingary – ADŻ Malta Green Youth Treasurer

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