Eradicating our heritage?

What are the first few things that come up to your mind when you think of Sliema?  Well probably traffic, lack of parking and blocks of flats.  But somewhere, behind the facade of blocks of concrete we still find some remnants of the past; buildings which seem to be of another era.

Overdevelopment and the demolition of landmarks, such as old buildings seems to have become commonplace with some developers. One of the clearest examples is Sliema. While almost the entire coastal strip is now filled with monotonous concrete blocks, one might still find some of Sliema’s iconic townhouses.

The latest case of the demolishing of a 155-year old townhouse is totally unacceptable!  Buildings from the 19th Century should be given a conservation priority and not be allowed converted into flats.


Moreover, it is shameful how, despite so many objections from NGOs, the Sliema local council and residents, such developments are given the green light.  Do the authorities ever listen to the people or are they only keen on over-developing the island and making contractors even richer than they already are?

We from ADŻ Malta Green Youth strongly oppose the demolition of our cultural heritage.  We urge the authorities to listen to us, the citizen majority and not contractors and to safeguard our heritage.  We already lost too much in the previous years and cannot afford to lose more.  It is important to act as soon as possible before it is too late and we lose even more of our limited cultural heritage we still have left!

Pascal Aloisio – ADŻ Malta Green Youth Publications Officer

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