5 New Year Resolutions you could make

Spend more time in open spaces

Whether you decide to go for a walk, have a picnic or observe migrating birds and animals in their natural habitat, spending more time in green patches will greatly improve your mental health and also help you appreciate the beauty of the natural world.



Exercise more often

Engaging in any form of exercise does not only help to cut some extra weight you’ve gained in the holiday season, but also helps control stress due to the release of endorphins.



Travel less by car

Leaving the car at the garage will reduce your carbon footprint while often saving you money. In case, you opt for cycling your way, you get the benefit of some extra exercise as well.


Eat less meat

Animal agriculture produces 18% of greenhouse gases, it is one of the key activities causing climate change, not to mention the poor conditions in factory farms. You do not have to become vegan, but taking meatless Mondays and trying to cut down on animal products would render your lifestyle more sustainable and your body might thank you.



Give something back

While we believe that social justice is more dignifying than charity, there will always be some instances where a helping hand would be welcome. You may help out at a local community center, turn up for a cleanup or raise awareness about social and environmental cause you deeply care about. And you may always join ADŻ and support us with our vision for a fair and sustainable Malta.


Daniel Desira – ADŻ Public Relations Officer


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