The situation in Aleppo

In the light of recent turn of events in Aleppo, whereby the Syrian government is murdering civilians, the actions of both Assad’s dictatorship with Russia and Iran’s backing and the rebel forces are to be condemned. The international community should be doing more to restore peace.

Mideast Syria

In this image made from video and posted online from Validated UGC, a man carries a child after airstrikes hit Aleppo, Syria, Thursday, April 28, 2016. A Syrian monitoring group and a first-responders team say new airstrikes on the rebel-held part of the contested city of Aleppo have killed over a dozen people and brought down at least one residential building. The new violence on Thursday brings the death toll in the past 24-hours in the deeply divided city to at least 61 killed. (Validated UGC via AP video)

What has been happening in Syria during the last months has led many civilians to flee and seek refuge in other countries, thus fuelling the influx of refugees in the Mediterranean, whereby not all make it.

There are several ways in which the EU can help safeguard the lives of civilians in Aleppo and elsewhere:

  1. Sanction arms trade by Member States.
  2. Stop any trade with Iran and Russia.
  3. Send appropriate humanitarian aid to Aleppo.
  4. Open the borders while making sure that all member states contribute to the refugee crisis depending on their economic and geological factors. Refugees’ well-being and right to a fulfilling life and the principles of burden sharing and free movement should be adhered to.

Moreover, there shouldn’t be more intervention. The USA and UK’s decision to bomb Syria has resulted in nothing but the death of more innocent civilians and the recruitment of more terrorists by extremist groups. An attack on Assad may serve as empowerment to the rebels hence act more of a disruption to the path to peace.

Daniel Desira – ADZ Public Relations Officer


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