ADZ AGM 2016

Our AGM, held last Thursday 23rd June at Voluntary Centre, was attended by several of our executive and members as well as a few AD members.

Former ADZ chairperson Marc Andrea Cassar and AD secretary general Ralph Cassar have made a welcome speech.

The agenda and minutes were then approved, followed by the annual report. The report included the major events and activities held by ADZ such as kick starting the YMCA project, the launch of our activities working group, a press conference on safety in PaceVille, PRs and blog posts on a number of issues, being involved in a number of movements and increased communication with AD, our mother party.

The new executive’s election followed the discussion of the report. The following exec members have been elected:

  • James Gabarretta – Chairperson

  • Marc’ Andrea Cassar – Vice Chairperson

  • Anna Azzopardi – Secretary General

  • Daniel Desira – Public Relations Officer

  • Nizar Hingari – Treasurer

  • Pascal Aloisio – Publications Officer

  • Danica Formosa – International Secretary

  • Glen Spiteri – Exec Member

  • Mathew Seychell – Exec Member

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