ADŻ stresses need for maintenance grants

ADŻ has stressed the need for maintenance grants in post secondary education. ADŻ believes that maintenance grants allow students from all economic backgrounds to get an opportunity to study and educate themselves.  Without maintenance grants, students coming from low income and median income families may not have the opportunity to focus on their studies.

ADŻ chairperson Marc’ Andrea Cassar believes that: “We should increase the funds available for research. The research that University carries out is very important. However these necessary increases in research funds should not be done at the expense of student maintenance grants, as these grants are essential for providing more opportunities to all citizens. There are other means by which to gather funds.”

ADŻ spokesperson Matthew Seychell further stated that: “ Maintenance grants promote social equity. Removing such grants will prevent capable individuals from studying and reaching their full potential”.  He continued by stating that: “With maintenance grants, capable and talented individuals can further their education and contribute to Maltese society.”


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