Corruption? No thank you!

Has corruption become the order of the day?  Why are our politicians always involved in corruption scandals?  Why is the nationalist party not better than the labour party when it comes to corruption?  These are some of the questions which arise after the recent Panama-gate scandal of energy minister Konrad Mizzi.

Corruption is not a new thing in Malta.  One of the main reasons why so many people voted for PL in the last general election was because they were sick of corruption under the Nationalist government.  However, it seems like things have not changed at all.  Corruption has become the order of the day under the current government.


Moreover, we ask for the immediate resignation of energy minister Konrad Mizzi after such a scandal.

It is a disgrace that the labour party, more than any other party is involved in such a scandal.  Gone are the left ideologies of the so-called ”socialist” movement.

Today the Nationalist party organised a so-called ‘national’ protest against corruption.  This is a paradox since it was this very same party that was flooded with corruption scandals in the last 25 years.

ADŻ Malta Green Youth would like express its concern on this issue.  Corruption is a serious issue and a crime.  Our message is clear:  Stop corruption one and for all!


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