LGBT Rights – A means to an end?

With regards to Dr. Muscat’s call to introduce gay marriage, we are happy the Prime Minister has woken up to the AD 2013 manifesto proposal.  We believe it is a step towards a more inclusive society.  In fact AD and ADŻ have always stated that equal rights in marriage is the way forward.

The strangest thing about the Prime Minister’s statement is that a few years back, in 2011 and in 2008 the very same perosn, Dr. Joseph Muscat, stated clearly on xarabank that he was against gay marriage.  How come he made such a big u-turn within such a short-time frame?

It seems strange that the Prime Minister proposed such an issue now, all of a sudden.  Given the timing, we feel that the LGBT community is being used to divert the conversation from the Panama-gate scandal.

If Dr. Muscat considered this issue so important, how come he did not propose this earlier?  What made him change his mind within these five years?


2 comments on “LGBT Rights – A means to an end?

  1. So at some stage the PM changed his mind. so did Obama! I recall speaking to him when he was still Leader of the Opposition. He made it very clear to me that he had no problem with same-sex marriage. Why not celebrate the fact that a serving PM is prepared to support gay marriage? Why not attack the PN for doing sweet bugger all when in government. Or does it not suit your political agenda? Perhaps you are closet PN supporters.

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