Making a profit from public land

Yesterday a three year old child was injured at the illegal zoo in Montekristo. Montekristo itself is illegal however it has been allowed to operate and make money, as those who are supposed to regulate turned a blind eye.  To make things worse the complex was used by politicians from both PN and PL and it has also been advertised on local television.

Today the Times reported on how some illegal boathouses are being advertised for rent to tourists. These boathouses were built on public land without a permit, some in very sensitive foreshore areas.

Might I kindly ask how is this allowed? Seriously, how are these boathouses allowed to stand there? That land is mine, it’s yours, and it’s everyone’s. We all own that land. How can these people build it and take it for themselves? Why have our MPs accepted this for all these years? Why are doing nothing now?

Not only that, how can local legal businesses compete? The common person has to obtain a permit and actually pay for the impact assessment, and the VAT. Montekristo doesn’t need these expenses and neither do the boathouses. The legally abiding citizens are therefore at a great disadvantage.

If one were to criticise the current government or opposition for allowing this to happen, then surely one would be labelled as negative. Well, if being negative means being able to see how this is wrong then yes, I am negative. And those who screw law abiding citizens are positive of course!



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