Encouraging recycling

Most of us know about the problem our island faces when it comes to litter.  Wherever you go, whether it is a beach or a nice spot in our countryside, you’ll always find it somewhere.  Litter.  Many people tend to simply throw their rubbish away.  One may find all sorts of litter ranging from plastic bottles to furniture or electrical equipment.

A good system which can be used in Malta is that of giving trash a value.  This system has been in place in Germany for several years now.  The system is quite straightforward.


Basically if one buys a bottle or can, one will pay extra money, for instance €0.25 per bottle or can.  After consuming the drink, the person can then return the bottles or can to a store where he/she will be given the money back as vouchers, i.e. the €0.25.  This voucher will be used at the cash after shopping and will reduce the price of the shopping according to the amount on the voucher.

This is a very effective system since in Germany I never saw any bottles or cans thrown away anywhere.  It encourages people to recycle and not throw away their litter.  Therefore if we had to introduce this system and giving litter a monetary value people would not throw away cash.  This will definitely reduce the amount of litter in our countryside, just like countries such as Germany.


 Pascal Aloisio – ADŻ Malta Green Youth Publications Officer


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