No more traffic jams please!

Earlier today the entire country was brought to a standstill due to a rather prolonged storm. All the roads were jam-packed with cars laying motio
nless. Buses were not passing, and people were left stranded.

There’s two main aspects here: the fact that our roads turn into rivers after a bit of rain and that car and bus traffic grinds to a standstill every time this happens.

Both need to be addressed urgently, as they both have been ignored for too long. Roads flood because most of Malta is built up and then all that water is wasted.

However I will leave that matter for another time. The problem regarding traffic is not an easy one to solve. However normally most talk goes around the partisan lines of blaming the other party. Arriva was better or worse, depending on the side you’re on. This of course will get us nowhere.traffic

It is evident that cars and buses will get us nowhere. However if today everyone used a metro, or say a monorail, nobody would have been stuck in traffic. In fact everything would have proceeded normally for the local commuters. No traffic, no panic, no arriving late.

Bicycles or motorbikes may also be an option. However a new form of transport is a must. We just cannot keep on loosing all this time every time it rains and every time there’s an accident or during rush hour.

Transport is a fundamental part of our daily lives, let’s invest in it and make it better!

Marc’ Andrea Cassar ADZ Green Youth Malta Chairperson


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