Developing Malta

A lot has been discussed about construction and development especially in light of proposals of the Żonqor ‘university’ and the towers that will dominate the Sliema skyline.  Undoubtedly, Malta has been experiencing economic growth since the 90’s with various projects ranging from MCAST to the Luqa Airport, to new bypasses and roads, a Freeport etc.  Despite all these projects, Malta has managed to keep a tight lid on development – though at times this lid tends to open slightly and ugly development of green land is destroyed.  Even the urban environment, though preserved wonderfully over the years has been threatened over and over again by post modern buildings in the middle of a village core inhabited with medieval buildings.

We have removed such architectural gems to be replaced by monstrosities and destroyed green land without paying attention to the consequences.  We, at ADŻ, support development as long as it is sustainable, meets economic targets and respects the environment as well as our health.  Building, building and more building is not the way to go since land is a limited resource and can quickly disappear.  Unique medieval village cores can be replaced by small scaled New Yorks if we do not plan our countrys’ development with carefulness.

We propose that new developments respect:

  • The green and urban environment including buildings of historical and cultural heritage
  • Traffic impact
  • Social impact on residents
  • New buildings are ecofriendly; in fact the new MCAST campus has invested into ecofriendly measures which deserve an applause
  • Exploring the possibility of new natural parks and green zones to stop villages encroaching on each other
  • Harsher penalties on illegal development and littering
  • Respecting ODZ boundaries

Not too hard see?  We hope that the government preserves Malta for what it is – a gem in the Mediterranean with all its history, unique green and urban environment as well as balancing its economic growth to benefit all citizens while protecting our land, heritage and future.

Nizar Hingary
ADŻ Malta Green Youth PRO

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