Żonqor Saga

Once upon a time on the tiny island of Malta, there was a certain Labour Party (iii dawn minhuma?!) that promised way back in 2013, that environmental awareness and heritage will be one of the top priorities, after the disastrous GonziPN environmental record (let us not forget 2006 the diminishing ODZ boundaries).  Once again, the people have been duped into PN #2 and nothing different has been offered.  Labour, as of 2015, has been involved in numerous scandals such as Café Premier and obscenities of sending a ministers’ wife on a payroll of 13,000 euros a month just to get Chinas’ attention, even though we all know, that China has excellent relations with Malta, and the numerous billboard jobs etc. etc. and etc.

The Zonqor Saga is one of these obscenities – the continuing destruction of the ODZ principle for profit.  There is nothing, which justifies this development for a number of reasons:

  • ODZ !!!!!
  • A private university will benefit those who can afford very highly priced courses
  • Plenty of abandoned historical buildings that can be used for an educational facility – which can also promote heritage inspired tourism.
  • ‘Tas-Sawt’ argument/debate holds no ground in Malta considering the size of Malta (27km x 16km)
  • The impact on traffic and property prices has not been studied.

We will not forget that this project was not listed on the electoral manifesto – like so many others (remember the passport for sale scheme) – in these past two years of Labour.

Protecting Zonqor is protecting Malta.

Nizar Hingari (ADŻ Malta Green Youth PRO)


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