ADŻ marching against Monsanto

ADŻ attended the annual March against Monsanto.  The theme of the march this year was the use of a product known as round up locally.  Round up is a commercial pesticide composed of glyphosate sold by Monsanto which is used in public places such as roundabouts.

collage 1

Although there is still no real scientific consensus regarding the negative effects of round up, the World Health Organisation claims that round up may cause cancer.  We believe that in this case the precautionary principle should be applied and the use of round up should be banned.

collage 2

Moreover ADŻ would like to express its concerns regarding other negative effects of GMO products. GMO products may cause irreversible harm to the genetic pool.  While GMO products may put many farmers in developing countries out of business, thus increasing poverty.

We are also concerned about the TTIP.  This Trans-Atlantic partnership will encourage less stringent regulations on GMOs and Monsanto products such as round up.



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