Launch of Front Ħarsien ODZ

This morning several organisations and individuals joined a press conference in front of the new parliament building.  A new front was launched, Front Ħarsien ODZ.

The scope of this movement is to stop the development on ODZ (outside development zone) sites.  The movement was established following a proposal to establish a new university at Żonqor Point, an area located on ODZ land.

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We from ADŻ Malta Green Youth condemn this decision and we have also proposed several alternative sites for this project, in order to protect outside development zones. Over the years Malta’s rural areas have been declining and our environment has suffered great losses.  Agricultural areas and natural areas have been on the decline and while several countries across the globe are doing their best to safeguard and protect natural and semi-natural areas, we are doing the opposite.  Due to our limited land mass, such ODZ sites are even of greater importance and must be protected from being urbanised.  Already existing abandoned/unused buildings should be used instead of grabbing more land.


For more information check out the facebook page of Front Ħarsien ODZ –


One comment on “Launch of Front Ħarsien ODZ

  1. That’s a beautiful idea!! YOU HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER as the island’s native people, the last thing Malta needs is civil unrest. Malta is LOVED and greatly ADMIRED, I cannot say about Malta as I do other countries, I have NO warnings whatsoever about you, and as a matter of fact, I tell anyone and everyone, that they will not have a more BEAUTIFUL holiday, and a people more willing to go out of their way to ensure you a wonderful time!! God Bless and Good Luck All!

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