Shots over Coffee

As we know, the hunters are once again rejoicing their love for killing birds as a ‘sport’ (an unfair balance, if we do say so ourselves!) and more joy for the political parties who have once again shown that votes count more than the environments’ wellbeing, morals of hunting and the scientific proof that hunting is no longer sustainable during the spring period. Hunting is a necessity; in the 17th century! Nowadays it’s all about the gun, the man and the poor defenseless birds that are shot during spring time which time again has been proven to be anything but sustainable.

Malta is one of the few countries, or the only one that allows spring hunting against the wishes of the EU due to the very threat of extinction of bird’s species. Yet the hunters’ lobby, the FKNK, refuted this and went for the “protect our traditions and culture” argument and that fireworks and other hobbies in Malta will also face the ban! Totally untrue – fireworks do not lead to the extinction of bird species and unfortunately we have not found the correlation between culture and hunting – it’s like saying you are not culturally Maltese if you supported the Shout movement.


Unfortunately the scaremongering campaign of the IVA and the lobbying of the PL/PN coalition transformed this referendum into a political PARTY in the chaotic sense and led to a slim majority win for the IVA people.

On the other hand, results show that half the population are against hunting in spring and results would have been different 10 years ago. Time is showing that spring hunting is fading, the EU pressure is great and the latest news in 24/4/2015 of a Dutch boy shot by a hunter, as well as the killing of protect birds – prove the unsustainability of spring hunting. We wish a quick recovery to the boy in question and that #josephzommkelmtek

Nizar Hingari (ADŻ Malta Green Youth PRO)

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