Mystique: A relic of the Marquis Scicluna

Mystique, an old and strange building, lies in the locality of Madliena.  Built by the Marquis Scicluna in the 1960s, it was first used as a residence followed by the transformation into a nightclub.  It is known to have been one of the most popular nightclubs of its time.


However, what is really striking is that it was designed and constructed in the Marquis’s own style of architecture.  Moreover, it was built from stones of Maltese buildings which were destroyed during the Second World War.

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The building is known for its unusual or rather creative and wonderful architecture.  It almost has a unique style and includes several features such as glass mosaics which decorate the walls throughout the building.  Some old furniture and other accessories may also be observed.

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Although so unusual, this building was not included as a protected building and is currently in an abandoned state.  Due to its unusual design as well as the fact that the building was built by the Marquis Scicluna, many architects have urged the need for its preservation.

Interestingly, recently plans have been made to transform the place into a hotel boutique.  Although this could be a relatively good proposal, it can also have negative effects.  We hope that if any plans are made, these will be done in a sustainable manner.  In other words, nothing should be demolished, removed or damaged.


ADZ Malta Green Youth also urges the need for preserving this magnificent building not only due to its architectural and artistic style, but also since it represents a part of Maltese history in some way.  All the stones of this building are part of old memories, namely those experienced during WWII, which were in turn used to build this unique sculpture.  Therefore Mystique should be refurbished and preserved since this building has its very own story to tell.

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Pascal Aloisio (ADŻ Malta Green Youth Executive Member)


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