Should I vote or …. Should I not?

It is incredible what is being discovered in this country. Two ex-ministers found to be hiding money abroad, in Switzerland. Oh, what I would have done to be a fly on the wall of their Villa when the Swissleak news broke out. A lot has been said. These people are now at the end of their political careers, the damage that had to be done has been done. Which makes me wonder…. how many other young and upcoming politicians might have something to hide.

No wonder may young people are choosing not to vote. No wonder young people feel disillusioned by politics. Current politics are giving birth to a generation of youths who do not care, and will not care for politics. These leaks will further encourage this worrying phenomenon.

On the other hand, I believe that the Spring Hunting Referendum could not have come at a better period in Maltese History.  Two years ago, while the political dinosaurs of the Maltese Islands where busy stashing money, and collecting lobbyist agreements, we were busy collecting signatures and making history in the process. We wanted to use our legal right to call a referendum, so as to push for a change, a change WE want, out of our own genuine interest.

Have a look at these young people:


These people want change. They decided that they want to be active citizens the way they want. Their choice is above any old school politics. They do not want to push Youth Inclusion. They ARE Youth inclusion – because they are exercising their rights to be active citizens. I want to encourage everyone who wants to get involved, young or not, to be just like them!

If you ever think you do not want to vote, because old politicians are showing themselves to be more corrupt by the day, and because we have discovered a lot of hidden lies in the politics of the past 30 years or so, look at these youths. Look at what they are doing to make a better Malta. Do allow this to grow. Do go out to vote, because for once, the choice will provide you with something genuine, free, and not corrupt.

Do not give up on voting! On the 11th April go out and vote.

And vote No.

Anna Azzopardi (ADŻ Malta Green Youth General Secretary)

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