ADŻ welcomes proposal of Carnival Village

A few days ago, the government announced its proposal for the construction of a new carnival village.  The project, which will cost some €6 million, will include the construction of some 20 warehouses and an amphitheatre, among other facilities.

The proposed location in Marsa is ideal, since it is close to Valletta and therefore the floats would not have to be transported over long distances.  The fact that this village will be created will lead to better collaboration and an and increased exchange of ideas between artists.  This is vital in order to make Maltese carnival more attractive to both locals, as well as tourists.

carnival 1      carnival 2

The construction of the amphitheatre is also a good idea, since artists and bands can use this to practice.  However, it can also be used for gigs and concerts.  Therefore, not only the carnival enthusiasts will gain from this project, but also other artists.

We from ADŻ Green Youth believe that such projects are vital for our society since it improves interest in culture and art.  For many years ADŻ Green Youth has been urging the need for increased interest and investment in the artistic sector.  Also, since a large sum of money will be invested in this project, it should be made accessible to all artists.

carnival 3                carnival 4

One should consider that this project is of great importance since each year, hundreds of carnival enthusiasts spend months working on their floats and since yearly, thousands of people participate in the carnival celebrations.  Therefore we from ADŻ Green Youth welcome this decision and hope that as many artists as possible will gain from this project, which will improve artistic works and increase interest in art.

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Pascal Aloisio (ADŻ Malta Green Youth Executive Member)

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