Malta: What about poverty?

Economic growth, declining deficit, lower debt and low unemployment rates…  This shows that Malta’s economy is constantly improving, quality of life is increasing and poverty should be declining.  But is this really happening?

Some 15.7% of the Maltese population are vulnerable to poverty.  According to the NSO, in 2013 some 1,600 households do not even have a bathroom or shower.  Some 75% of the total population cannot even afford to heat their houses in winter, despite the fact that nearly all households are extremely humid.

These figures are shocking, since Malta is considered to be a developed nation.  However, what makes matters worse is that some proposals have been made to increase the salary of MPs.  The proposal set out by a committee appointed by the government suggested that these wages should double.

While nearly 1/7 of Maltese citizens are highly vulnerable to poverty, ministers are expected to get drastic wage increases.

Is that fair?  The rich become richer, while to poor become poorer.  Poverty should be reduced and ministers should better think of how to tackle this problem, rather than discussing higher wages for themselves.


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