Fort Campbell

Fort Campbell is a fortification situated at Selmun.  It was built by the British in the late 1930s and was the last of the British forts which were built before the Second World War.  The polygonal ramparts and concrete bunkers of Fort Campbell are typical structures of fortifications of the 19th and 20th Century.

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One might think that such a large and historically important monument is well preserved and that it is kept in a good condition.  However, the opposite is the case.  What one may encounter when visiting this magnificent place is nothing but a sense of neglect.  The old fortification is literally falling apart with roofs of the buildings collapsing, rotting wooden frames and rusting metal beams and gun posts.

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Another thing one may notice when visiting Fort Campbell is the substantial amount of litter across the whole fort.  Plastics, papers, food wastes, construction waste and all sorts of other wastes were simply dumped in this site of cultural heritage.

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ADZ Malta Green Youth calls for immediate action to conserve and restore this historical site.  We would like to raise awareness of how important this site is.  Several tourists come to visit this place and the surrounding area.  One can also enjoy a stunning view on Mistra Bay, Selmun and Saint Paul’s Islands.  It would therefore be vital to rehabilitate the area to its former glory.  However, this should be done in a sustainable manner, meaning that the buildings should be constructed as they were before and the surrounding area, which has now become a green area characterised by Maltese garrigue and maquis, should not be damaged and removed.

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Over time, various indigenous species have colonised the rocky areas inside the fort.  Therefore, Fort Campbell should be restored in an environmentally sound manner and should also be enjoyed as a natural green area.  Buildings and structures should be restored and footpaths could be established around the vegetated areas.  The government’s latest plans to rehabilitate Fort Campbell should be done in a sustainable manner and several points should also be considered before the place can be rehabilitated.

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We also encourage the general public to visit this cultural landscape and its exquisite surrounding environment.

Interesting link for further information:

Pascal Aloisio (ADZ Malta Green Youth Executive Member)


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