State of Old historical buildings in Msida

The traditional fisherman’s village of Msida houses many old historical buildings, which were built during the late 1800s.  These buildings containing a high aesthetic and cultural value have been abandoned for many years. Many old buildings have already been demolished and the last few traditional village houses are in a very bad condition.  In fact many of them are completely abandoned and in some cases the ceiling also collapsed.

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These houses take up a considerable amount of land area which is currently wasted since they are unused.  Furthermore, Malta has a very high rate of empty housing with about 72,150 empty vacant properties.  This means that while we are over-developing our island and giving up important natural and agricultural land for the construction of more empty buildings, we are leaving old historical houses fall apart.


ADZ Malta Green Youth proposes the restoration of these buildings, since they can be inhabited again. This will create jobs, improve the urban environment of Msida, increase property value of these buildings and preserve these historical buildings.  These factors will also lead to sustainability since the economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects are all taken into account and will be affected positively.  Also, many old buildings have gardens which are considered to be urban lungs, which makes them a vital resource which should not be destroyed or lost, especially in a polluted area such as Msida.


It is important that we preserve and restore these buildings due to their historical importance.  Many of these houses are over 100 years old and are of cultural importance.  These buildings give the identity of the fishing village of Msida back.


Pascal Aloisio (ADZ Executive Member)

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