Front against TTIP denied the possibility of a public debate

This morning, the Front Against TTIP (Malta) held a press conference in front of Europe House (Dar l-Ewropa) in Valletta.  The Front includes the following Żminijietna – Voice of the Left; Anti-Poverty Alliance; Moviment Graffitti; Association of Federative Socialists; GWU Youth, ADŻ –  Malta Green Youth; Friends of the Earth Malta; Partit Komunista Malti; Garden of Knowledge (Malta).

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Originally the Front Against TTIP wanted to organise a public dialogue at Europe House, but this has been prohibited.  The idea of the debate was to raise awareness about TTIP, which was going to be part of a global initiative held today across various countries.  However, Europe House prohibited the Front from discussing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).  Instead, a press conference was held.


We are all very disappointed with this decision since Europe House hosted various debates and we cannot understand why they did not let us organise such an important discussion.  This shows that censorship is still very much alive in Malta.

Our message is clear, STOP TTIP!

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