Closing the hunting season temporarily

Following the closure of the hunting season for 20 days, from September 20 to October 10, seemed to have led to a reduction in illegal hunting.  Hardly any shots have been heard in our countryside in the last few days, with the exception of some illegalities.  This means that if the autumn hunting season is closed for these 3 weeks of raptor migration, less birds will be targeted and it will be much easier to identify who is shooting illegally on protected birds.

ADZ Malta Green Youth welcomes the government’s decision to temporarily suspend the hunting season, and we urge the government to continue to do this, at least for the next few years.  These 3 weeks of peak migration, especially for birds of prey and other protected birds, are of vital importance, and it is therefore imperative that these birds are given the required protection.


Black Kite

After closing the hunting season temporarily, the amount of protected bird sightings with gunshot injuries declined drastically, and the amount of shot birds also seems to have decreased.

ADZ Malta Green Youth would like to invite the public to go out and enjoy our countryside, and simultaneously watch migratory birds, since one can now go out without fear of being shot or insulted.

Our message is to urge the public to go out and enjoy our countryside and what it has to offer.

Pascal Aloisio (ADZ Executive Member)


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