‘Hunters’ go crazy!

Today, 21st September, which is Malta’s 50th anniversary of independence day, several criminals decided to hold a criminal and illegal protest in Valletta.  These ‘hunters’ shouted and insulted the government over a decision, that was taken yesterday to temporarily close the autumn hunting season.

The season was declared as closed following several illegalities and shooting on protected birds, including white storks, honey buzzards and marsh harriers among many other protected birds.  ADZ Malta Green Youth agrees fully with this decision since during these 3 weeks of peak migration, protected birds will be given more protection and will be less vulnerable of being shot down by criminals.

ADZ Malta Green Youth condemns this illegal protest, the vulgar language used and insults as well as the burning of the labour parties’ flag.  We also condemn the act of aggression on a Times of Malta journalist who was kicked as well as the violence perpetuated after the protest at Buskett when some 30 ‘hunters’ threw stones at birdwatchers.  ADZ Malta Green Youth demands that justice should be meted out to these criminals at the earliest.


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