From Kennedy Grove to Kennedy Grave

One month ago, we from ADZ went to visit the area at Kennedy Grove.  The area we visited includes the destruction of a number of trees taking place at Bugibba where the new road is being constructed at Coast Road, in which part of Kennedy Drive has been summarily destroyed, with Kennedy Grove completely disturbed to make way for a road junction.

We were shocked to see the way several trees have been chopped down, especially close to the junction.

1                                3

This is of concern for a number of reasons:

1.) we all know that trees reduce CO2 emissions and pollution at a busy road junction;

2.) the continued destruction of a green area will make the picturesque Kennedy Grove area into another concrete mess;

3.) safeguarding the environment is a citizens’ concern and moral obligation to protect natural beauty – green areas are known to improve quality of life and reduce depression at times;

4.) the tourism industry will receive another dent – what will tourists think of this beautiful area being transformed into a concrete highway?

We would also like to ask a few questions about this project: what will happen to the Kennedy Grove picnic area? Will the project allow for the planting of new trees? What is the actual design – the width of the road? Will the land being bulldozed outside the road confines, be rehabilitated into a green area?

Though the benefits are clear, of a widened safer road design, the environment around it and the destruction of trees and the many unanswered questions are of equal concern. Road planning should include a more ‘green’ approach and address the sensitivities of the environment, which will promote Malta’s tourism, our health and our sense of well-being – more concrete will just reverse our economy and health.

The aim of this visit was to take some photos of the area to raise awareness of what is going on in this green area.  We also sent PRs and a letter to the editor to the media about this issue, however, no one replied and nothing was ever published.



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