The Postponement of Democracy

The news that the Government was intending to postpone the local council elections came as a surprise to us. It is a custom that before such a radical idea is proposed all parts are consulted. However nobody was consulted.

Last year we were left with mixed feelings after the vote 16 campaign. We were very happy that young people were finally being given a voice in Maltese politics. This is something we had been campaigning for years to no avail.  The limitation of this proposal for local councils left us a tad bit disappointed. Even then it felt as if this was all but a gimmick to get young people on the Labour bandwagon.


This was unfortunately proven right by this proposal. What is the use of holding such a boisterous campaign and then postponing everything a year later? The reason given for this was that these elections were a waste of money and that we would save 2 million euros per election. This would be more credible if the Government didn’t fork out 6.4 million euros more than the previous government to pay for the largest cabinet ever.

It is clear that this is simply an excuse to cover up the real reason for this postponement. The spring hunting referendum comes as a threat to this government. The government needs to reduce votes, meaning that removing the local council elections will reduce votes and increase the chances of the referendum not passing.

This is unacceptable. We as young greens will do our utmost to protect the democratic rights of young people and of Maltese citizens as a whole. One should not ever meddle with democracy.


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