Solidarity with feminist musicians and their call for democracy in Russia (Press Release)

Alternattiva Demokratika Zaghzagh (ADZ – Green Youth) fully supports the call from Amnesty International together with high profile musicians for Russia to drop all charges against members of Punk band “Pussy Riot”.

 The three young woman who sang a song against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s tyranny and the support he gets from the Orthodox church inside a Cathedral in Moscow, face up to 7 years imprisonment on Hooliganism charges.

 Not only is this exaggerated, but it is also in line with Putin’s systematic harssment, beating, arrest and imprisonment of all political dissidents.

 The plight of the young activists has drawn similarities with those of the band “Plastic People of the Universe” in the Czech Republic that was monumental in bringing down Communism. It also reinforces claims that while Russia has freed itself from dictatorship, the tyranny never left.

 ADZ also calls for all young people living in democratic countries to appreciate their basic freedoms and not take them for-granted.

An Amnesty International petition is being circulated online for the release of Pussy Riot. Visit

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