Walk Against Animal Cruelty in Circuses

Date: Thursday 10th December

Time: 6:00pm

Place: Starting from City Gate, Valletta. We will walk to Blata l-Bajda where the circus is stationed.

A circus boasting of its use of many wild animals in its shows is visiting Malta. This is plain and simple animal cruelty. Wild animals in circuses suffer torture to learn the performance of ‘tricks’ and are kept in small cages for their whole life.

Say NO to animal cruelty! Be there!

For more information visit the Facebook group ‘Circus Animal Rights Coalition’

The walk is being organised by the Circus Animal Rights Coalition: Moviment Graffitti, Animal Rights Group, Ananda Marga, Association for Abandoned Animals, Island Sanctuary, Cetfree, Greenhouse, Alternattiva Demokrtika Zaghzagh, SOS Animals, St. Francis D’Assisi Foundation, Nature Trust, SPCA (Malta), Centru Tbexbix, Stray Animal Support Group, Street Cat Rescue, Share Malta, Noah’s Arc, National Cat Society, International Animal Rescue and World Animal Conscience

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