El Sadi’s comments deemed out of line

Alternattiva Demokratika Zaghzagh would like to show its disapproval of Imam El Sadi’s views he displayed on a local television program, especially his condoning of physical violence on people who committed a criminal offence and his explicit homophobia.

Dirk Urpani, spokesperson for ADZ stated “while we are all out for freedom of speech, it is highly irresponsible for a religious leader to promote anti-social policies. Though he was referring to non-European countries, certain rights are universal and acts such as cutting off hands of people convicted of theft should be condemned by anyone living in a democratic country. Mr El Sadi’s homophobic references are equally disgusting and we believe he should apologise to the LGBT community, especially for ridiculing same sex marriages or unions by comparing them to ‘marrying a cat or a dog’.”

“One should also keep in mind that in this country, there are refugees who have fled from the oppression of Muslim regimes. It is very offensive, to say the least, to a person who left his/her country because of such persecution only to find a religious leader condoning the same practices that caused their oppression.


Robert Callus
ADZ – Green Youth

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