Solidarity with Moviment Graffitti

Letter to the Editor – MaltaToday @


Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh (ADZ) wishes to support Moviment Grafitti who might be in the process of losing their office on campus to SDM. Throughout their years on campus, Grafitti have strived to bring their campaigns closer to the student body.

Unfortunately ADZ is not surprised about SDM’s blatant hostility towards Moviment Graffiti. Especially when you consider that various SDM’s proponents, including president Lauro Fava, have openly opposed this organisation by joining the facebook group “Movement against Moviment Graffiti”. As distasteful as this can be, the fact remains that Grafitti earns their office every year with their prominent activism. It seems that the apple does not fall far from the tree. ADZ has faith that the KPS commissioner Andrea Pace will find an appropriate solution for them to keep their office.

Moviment Grafitti’s impressive yearly activity report should suffice to keep their office, or at least it sheds light on the footprint Grafitti’s leaves at university. This desperate attempt to rid Grafitti from their office speaks volumes on the (lack of) integrity of KSU, nevertheless, ADZ stands by Moviment Grafitti.


Andre Vella

ADZ General Secretary

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